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Tired of unpleasant odors spreading from your cat’s litter box?

Say goodbye to the stink with our stylish and compact enclosed cat litter box!

Keep your space clean and fresh while giving your feline friend the purrfect place to do their business with our innovative litter box!

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Say Goodbye to Stinky Litter Boxes with Our Stylish Solution!

We know the struggle—nothing ruins the ambiance of your space like the smell of a dirty litter box.

But fear not, we’ve got the purr-fect solution for you!

Introducing our sleek and compact large cat litter box with an enclosed design.

Say goodbye to those horrible odors spreading through your home and hello to a clean and fresh space!

Why Our Litter Box Rocks:

  • Trap Unpleasant Odors: Our enclosed design locks in those nasty smells, so you can breathe easy.
  • Convenient Scoop: Quick and easy cleaning is a breeze with our handy scoop included.
  • Splash-Proof Design: No more litter splashing everywhere! Our high design keeps the mess contained.

Stylish and Compact:

Our litter box not only keeps your space clean but also adds a touch of style with its modern and compact design. It fits seamlessly anywhere in your home, blending in perfectly with your decor.

Ready to upgrade your cat’s bathroom experience and keep your space smelling fresh?

Shop Now for Our Stylish and Functional Large Cat Litter Box

Don’t let stinky litter boxes cramp your style any longer!

  • Enclosed litter box: Stops unpleasant odours from spreading, whilst providing privacy for pets.
  • Door with pedal: This keeps mess contained within the litter box, so pets don’t spread litter around the home.
  • Easy to clean: Includes a scoop and openable cover, making it hassle-free to maintain this cat litter tray.
  • Spacious: When inside this hooded litter tray, pets have plenty of room to move around comfortably.
  • Dimensions: 48H x 53L x 51Wcm. Suitable for cats up to 4kg. Assembly required.


  • Its enclosed design traps unpleasant odours, whilst providing privacy for your cat
  • An included scoop for waste removal and maintenance
  • A separate design allows for easy cleaning
  • Door with a leaking sand pedal prevents litter from spilling outside the box
  • The inside is spacious for pets to move easily
  • Suitable for cats up to 4kg
  • Assembly required


  • Color: Pink/Green
  • Material: PP and PC
  • Dimensions: 48H x 53L x 51Wcm. Inside space: Φ45cm. Front door: Φ21cm. Scoop: 25L x 11Wcm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Cat litter box
  • 1 x Scoop
  • 1 x Manual

Pink, Green


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