Double-sided soft brush


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Say goodbye to pet hair troubles with our Double Sided Pet Fur Grooming Brush!

Whether you have a short-haired or long-haired pet, our large-sized brush is perfect for keeping their coat looking sleek and shiny.

Make grooming a breeze and enjoy a cleaner, happier home with our must-have grooming tool!

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Looking to pamper your furry friend with the best grooming experience ever?

Say no more!

Introducing our brand-new Double-Sided Soft Brush, designed to give your pet the TLC they deserve.

The double-sided soft brush for pets is a versatile tool for both short and long hair pets. Its large size allows for efficient grooming sessions, covering more surface area with each stroke. The combination of bristles and pins on each side ensures thorough grooming, helping to detangle knots and remove loose fur. This brush is a convenient and effective solution for maintaining your pet’s coat in top condition.

– Double-Sided Design: Soft Brush One side is smooth. The other is to brush hair for removing loose hair. Suitable for short or long-haired dogs and cats. This brush can easily get rid of pets’ floating hair, and loose and dead fur. Great to keep your house clean. Loosens tangles and knots, and eliminates tangles for long/short hair.

– Comfortable & Soft Brush: can easily get rid of loose fur, dandruff, and dust & gives your pet a shiny coat. Soft bristles give a healthy massage to your pet’s skin & also an essential accessory for your pet’s grooming. Round ends on the brush create it easy and relaxed for your dogs and cats.

– Ventilation Hole Design on pin side ensures a soft and gentle touch to skin & doesn’t scratch at all and also provides comfortable grooming. Soft bristles give a healthy massage to your pet’s skin & also an essential accessory for your pet’s grooming. Suitable for daily use.

– Perfect for most animals: Our brush is suitable for dogs and cats with long, medium, short, thick, curly wiry, hair. Also suitable for many other pets like horses, rabbits, cats, dogs, pigs, etc.

Material: ABS
Length: 21cm
Color: Red & black

Packing list:
1 pcs x Double-sided soft brush

Dimensions 21 cm


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